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Adam said...

If your looking for good fishing, look no further past the beast. Jim and Devon were unreal and very great company, besides being amazing anglers. We did a 3/4 day trip and caught a large variety of fish. We got blackfin tuna, kingfish, mackerel, barracuda, and not to mention we ended the day with a tripple sailfish! Hands down best charter in South Florida. Truly a great experience hands down!

Big Thanks to Jim & Devon!

January 2014

Dan said...

Jim / Devon

I just wanted to stop in and say thanks again for such a fun fishing trip. I know I can speak for Adam and Alden as well when I say that we had an absolute blast. Fishing is one thing, but "catching" is a different situation altogether. Fishing aside, your easy going, accommodating nature makes for a fun, relaxed experience, which I'm sure would be difficult for many people willing to allow total strangers on a boat as beautiful as yours. It always nice to go fishing with guys who seem to love what they do as much as the two of you. It's even better to leave the experience knowing that I have memories and pictures that will last a lifetime. You better believe we'll be calling you up for round 2 the next time we're down that way. Until then, I wish y'all the best of luck in the future! Thanks!

Dan - Fancy Shorts

January 2014

Chris said...

We have our next charter booked with the Beast April 2014- cant hardly wait had such a great time last year! Snow is blowing in Indiana and already itching to get back on the water. This booking made for a great Christmas Gift in our stocking. All I can say is putting an upcoming charter in a stocking is sure to make Santa smile and what better way to do it than with The Beast-Capt Jim and Devon. After we go I will be back on here letting you know how it went! Or you can book your own trip and see it first hand!!!!!!

Chris K.

December 2013

Yalkin said...

Great boat and a great crew. Beast is one of those rare charters where you are treated like an angler and catch your own fish. For a true angler, I cannot think of a better charter operation. Looking forward to our semi annual trips.

Yalkin, New York

December 2013

Dan McGillicuddy said...

Thanks, again, to Capt. Jim and Devon for an amazing day we had out there! I had always wanted to catch a sailfish, but had never been lucky enough to get one. That is, until I went out on The BEAST. Right from the beginning they made me feel very welcome on the boat. It was very easy to talk to them both. As we began our day catching bait, I could tell I was in for a fun day when I dropped a few ballyhoos and they began giving me the business about it. Right then, I knew I was in the right place! From there the day just got better and better...My first fish was a 30 lb. dolphin. What a beautiful fish that was...From there, we proceeded to catch multiple species including a blackfin tuna, a bonita, 2 amberjacks, and a massive barracuda. Just awesome. As we approached 4:30, I started to think that it might not be the day for my sailfish. We gave it our best efforts, but it just wasn't happening. By 5:00, I knew that we would be wrapping it up soon. Both Capt. Jim and Devon told me "It's not over until the last bait is out of the water!" Literally, moments later,we heard the starboard outrigger pop. I grabbed the rod and started to reel. Devon said he thought it might be the one. He no sooner said that and I saw a bill and face come out of the water about 75 yards back. Immediately, I felt a total wave of excitement and adrenaline. For the next 65-70 minutes the fight was on. It was a total team effort. Finally, we got this incredibly tough fish up next to the boat and in one motion, Devon got his hands on its bill. I instantly put the rod down and let out a huge cheer. Never have I felt so excited to land a fish. I can't begin to thank them both for this life-changing moment. They went out of their way to stay out there into the "witching hour" and help me achieve this goal. If I could have scripted the day, I could not have written it any better or more dramatic. It may have started as a business arrangement, but I can truly say I will consider them both friends for life from here on out. They are Gentlemen in every sense of the word....Can't wait to do it again, Guys!!!

March 2013

Carlton M. Tyndall said...

Capt. Jim and Devon will do whatever it takes to put you on a fish, their hard work was rewarded on our trip. Despite the worst weather they probably had to fish in 2012, they hung in there all day so we could catch a couple fish and made the entire day a good time for us. The Beast and crew do a great job, set up a trip... you won't be disappointed! (p.s. Jim secretly likes hearing you sing songs on the radio)

February 2013

James Blaikie said...

Hi Jim-
Thanks again for a great trip last Friday. You and Devon made a fisherman's dream come true by getting my wife hooked on offshore fishing! A week later she is still telling her friends about her first sailfish and is asking me to plan another trip. The fact that we released his and her sails was a bonus. I'm glad you made me take a moment to get a photo of the 35lb barracuda we landed. That was a beautiful animal. All this happened while the radio chatter bemoaned that there was no bite. Where are the fish? Ask Capt Jim. His answer is profound and applies to more than just fishing!

January 2013

Ryan said...

I went out on an August Cubera trip to cross one off my list. Our first stop was to pick up lobster for bait which some would say is crazy but hey, big bait, big fish. I knew I was on the right boat when Devon went down and came up “double fist‘in” lobster. In no time Devon caught enough bait and we headed out to do some Yellowtail fishing. We anchored up and it looked perfect to clean up on Yellowtail but for some reason the bite just wasn’t there. We headed out to the Cubera grounds. They were down there but had a different type of tail on the mind than lobster. All of a sudden my rod bends in half. I grab it and all you can do is crank. I was expecting an Amberjack type fight but wasn’t expecting what I had just gotten into. I did the best I could, listening to Capt. Jim, and I didn’t stop cranking. When I was about to win the fight the line goes limp. Score one for the Cubera. Boy did I feel like a chump. After all the work Capt. Jim and Devon put into finally getting a fish on and I lost it because I was out of “fishing shape”. I knew I had to redeem myself. I was hearing it from my brother and Capt. Jim was giving me his own style of words of encouragement. There’s no room for feeling sorry for yourself on the Beast! Another lobster was put on the line and I planted myself next to the rod praying for another chance. I got it after a few more drifts. This time either the fish was coming in the boat or I was going in the drink after it. After another battle the fish was in the boat and a weight was off my shoulders. I don’t know who was happier, me for getting the fish in the boat, or Capt. Jim and Devon for putting me on the fish. My brother boated one too, but of course mine was bigger. At this point it was pretty late and my brother and I were beat from catching fish so we headed in. This is the second time I have chartered the Beast and the second time I have walked away thinking how it was money well spent. If you charter the Beast and sit back, be patient, and let Capt. Jim and Devon do their thing; I guarantee you will come home with bags of fish and a “Beast blister” on your thumb from reeling in those fish.


December 2012

Chris Kelly said...

Thank you both for a great day! You weren't kidding when you said you could "hook us up" with a great day of fishing - Sails, Amberjack, Dolphin(fish), Kingfish, Blackfin - we even had fun catching our bait for the day! I can't say enough regarding the team of Capt Jim and Devon. From the moment we met up with you at the dock that morning to when we departed later in the evening, tired, sore, but huge smiles that were still plastered on our faces all the way back to Indiana! We will be back and look forward to doing this again.

Chris Kelly

October 2012

Chuck said...

Well worth the time, money & sore muscles ! I've done quite a bit of fresh-water fishing and been on a few ocean fishing 'charter' boats, but nothing compares to this.


May 2012

Eddie Conway said...

What can I say!! WoW another great trip on The Beast, my favorite charter by far! This was my 7th trip with Capt Jim and mate Devon. Like always, you guys have outdone yourselves. I can not thank you enough so I'll just have to book another trip to show my gratitude. I've learned if it ain't broke then don't fix it and Beast Fishing Charters is not broken!! All the fish we caught were unreal! Thanks again buddy.

See you soon.

September 2011

Paul White said...

Jim and Devon,

Thanks for an awesome trip. I've never been out and got to do so much in one trip: King, Bonita, Triggers, Yellowtail, big Nasty's! And the leftover bait (crickets) was fantastic on the grill over at Trollin' Tom's later in the weekend. You guys really put your time and effort into that trip and I appreciate it. It is nice when you go fish with a Capt. and Mate as knowledgeable and hard-core as you guys!
I hope to hit the water again with you soon!


September 2010

David Steen said...

Thanks for a great trip on Friday night Captain Jim. We didn't quite boat the size Cubera we were after, but we were able to put a couple in the boat. I greatly appreciate all of the effort you and Devon put in on a tough night!


August 2010

Todd Crouse said...

Capt. Jim

I just wanted to say thank you for a great day of fishing. My brother in law Fernando found your site and said we have to give the Beast a try. Boy was he right. Devon and yourself are top notch. Zach my 14yr old son wanted to get some fish off his bucket list and you made it happen. To me thats priceless. Seeing him smile from ear to ear, BONUS. Even though Nick hung over the side of the boat with his buddy Ralph. We all agreed this was the best charter yet. Its great to know there is still a Capt. that wants to put fish on the boat and not just go for a boat ride. Thanks for the great time and can't wait to get back to Florida. We will be booking The Beast.

Todd from NJ

May 2010

Robert said...

Captain Jim,

Both Robert and I want to thank both you and Devon for the great time we had on The Beast. Seeing my son catch his first Sail is one of those great father/son moments that we will never forget. We also appreciate all the effort put into finding son phins. Next time for sure.

We look forward to going out with you again and targeting Dolphin and Cubera!


November 2009

Marty said...


I been busy with work and fishing and some crazy crap...Meant to send you a thanks earlier. I really enjoyed that Cubera fishing trip with you and Devon. I travel right much and it's always for a fish. Your trip ranks right up there, AND I didn't even catch one of the damn things. Hopefully, I'll be back next summer and my timing will be better. Thanks again, the lobsters and yellowtails were excellent. Good luck this fall/winter. Hope your fishing is good and see you again one day!

Marty from NC

September 2009

Harry said...


We had a great time last night. You and Devon are a great pair to fish with and even though those "Nasties" had some serious "lockjaw" last night we still got a pair of very nice fish and had a great time. Thanks again. You guys were good sports. I'm looking forward to next Friday night.


August 2009

Robert said...

It was my brother Ricky that made all the arrangements. Since his buddy, George, had the opportunity to go with the Beast's crew last year, Ricky had been nagging me to go. I had my reservations and, quite frankly, did not want to go on this trip. I was sitting at home on Saturday waiting to see if my brother would leave without me... He didn't and boy am I glad! The trip was everything he said it would be and more! You can see that Jim and Devon REALLY LOVE WHAT THEY DO!!! They were funny, helpful and above else very professional. Nothing like any of the captains I have been out with before from Key West. My brothers and I will be out there again soon with The Beast!


August 2009

Ralph Valdes said...

Thanks so much, Capt. Jim and Devon for fulfilling a dream! What a great trip!

It started off with Devon jumping in the water and hunting up 15 lobster in a little over an hour. With our bait secured, we stopped over on the reef on the way out and caught about 10 nice yellowtail in an hour.

Once the sun went down, it was ON like donkey kong. Hooked up our first Cubera 10 seconds after the first line was down... and another 30 seconds later. From that point on, we caught one Cubera on each pass.

We've been fishing for over 25 years on our own boat and we've taken several charters out in Miami and all throughout the Keys and we've never had a better experience than last night. Capt. Jim is as experienced as they come and his jokes and stories are worth the investment alone. Devin is a first class mate and did everything possible to ensure we had an amazing time. We lost several rigs on the wreck and he bore it with a smile and a joke.

Thanks so much guys. We'll be seeing you again SOON!

Ralph Valdes

August 2009

Will Muniz said...

I would like to start by saying thank you Capt. Jim and Devon for everything. This was my first offshore charter and I didn't know what to expect. I had heard lots of horror stories of people spending lots of money on a charter and being treated like crap by the captain and crew and walking away cheated. Well after doing some research I found the Beast and Capt. Jim and his first mate Devon who seemed to be top notch and have experience based on their website and through conversations I had with Jim prior to making my decision. Well I can honestly say I made the right and best choice. Capt Jim and Devon are in my book, top notch, and know what their doing. These guys are awesome, They not only know how to put you on fish, they also know how to treat their customers. From the start I felt like I was heading out for a fun day of fishing with some old friends. They asked us what we wanted to catch and we told them something big and lots of it. Well they did not disappoint and honestly we didn't know what we were in for. They put us on a variety of fish and they were the arm tuggin, back breakin, line zingin variety, The pictures on the Beast site are only a snippit of the bigger picture that can only be experienced hands on. I could write lots more but I could take up the whole page trying to explain the awesome time we all had. I am addicted now and cant wait to get back out there. I can't say enough good things about Capt. Jim and Devon, I will sum it up by saying they both know what they're doing and they do it well. We walked away with plenty of meals and some new friends.

Thanks for the awesome time and we hope we can get back over there soon and often. Anyone going on a trip with these guys make $ure you take care of Mr. Devon at the end of the day. $$$ He knows his $#!t..

Will Muniz

July 2009

David said...

This was by far the best fishing trip ever!
This was a first time experience for me and one I will not soon forget. I have been on
charters before, but have never experienced anything like this. When all was said and done at the end of the day as we made our way back home, it felt like we were missing someone. It felt as if we were leaving some friends behind.
Turns out those friends were Capt. Jim and Devon. Thanks for a great trip.


June 2009

Rich said...

Hello Jim,

I'd like to start out by saying that Devon and yourself enabled my closest friends and family to have memories that will last for years to come ! I didn't know what to expect at first, and was a bit apprehensive because of previous charters where the Capt. was less than amicable. Mates are usually somewhat obnoxious and have strong tendencies to make one feel less than adequate at something one enjoys whole heartedly like fishing at sea (although I'm still partial to surf fishing ) LOL. The way you both treated us, was as if we had known each other for years and you made us feel at home and very comfortable ( makes for a much better fishing trip !) I thank you guys for that, and it was much appreciated ! I also appreciated the fact that Devon was relentless in his pursuit of catching some fish, and thanks to him I came up with my first, very nice Black fin tuna and My old man (papi) as you affectionately called him.... a 21Lb Grouper ! Those memories will last me a lifetime ! Thanks again, you guys rock and I hope to see you again in the near future. Next time I wont forget the earplugs for you all......after Gimpy's eighteenth beer , they are a must ! ) LOL You made a few new friends and faithful customers !

from New Yawk

June 2009

Julio said...

The guys from Beast Charters are hands down the best!! Captain Jim knows how to work his rig and Devon is a first class mate. From knowing where to find the fish to keeping your bait fresh for best performance these guys work hard for your money!

If you are looking to catch fish, have a great time, and get the most out of your charter then you owe it to yourself to book your fishing weekend with these guys.

On a side note thanks Captain Jim and Devon for a great time; we will see you guys again next year..


June 2009

"Walleye" Mike Browning said...


Had a great time yesterday and I believe the other people did too. We represent a long standing company called Nassau Vision Lenses and we are a company that provides eyewear globally and locally. As you do we like to give back to the community whenever possible and will urge our associates to come to Miami and enjoy a wonderful day of fishing with you and your partner Devon. You will not find a more gracious host than you two. I look forward to our next trip so don't forget Walleye Mike.

Mike Browning

June 2009

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